Jim Patton

Voice actor, Audiobook Narrator

Jim Patton is a professional voice actor and audiobook narrator recording from his home studio in Las Vegas.  He has extensive experience in audio drama, loves voicing a variety of characters, and takes pride in the oral tradition of narrator as story teller versus narrator as copy reader. 

Audiobook Samples

A third person nonfiction narrative is expressed like fiction with character voices. This nonfiction story telling style is possible because the subject is larger than life with copious humor. I call this “Paul Bunyan nonfiction”.

This is an example of a first person narrator dialect sustained through the book. Having grown up in Colorado, this is perhaps the easiest dialect style for me to portray.

This third person limited narrative portrays the terror felt by the protagonist in a high intensity action scene.

This sample highlights M/F interaction in a southern accent.

French accented character dialog between a man and children.

Scholarly exposition with quotations, but no characters or dialects.

Third person limited narrative with the protagonist’s point of view expressing confusion/fear along with German (soldier) and East European influence (prisoners) accents.

About - Jim Patton

Story Telling vs Narrating

I love voicing characters. The hard part is narration. But everyone is a character, including the narrator!  Characters tell stories. They don’t read books. It’s important to me that I “tell” your story, not “read” your book. 

I am an audiobook narrator recording from my professional home studio near Las Vegas.  I’ve been interested in theater my whole life, but the occupation that fed my family precluded a full time acting effort. As a result, I became an audio drama actor, allowing me to exercise my acting creativity from the confines of my home studio at a time of my choosing. Having spent hours auditioning, acting, editing, and performing in this manner convinced me that audiobook narration is a reasonable and desired goal.

I acted in high school, but I became hooked when I played Hamlet in a college production. I have since acted in community theater when I had the opportunity, but eventually, I found that remote audio acting was the most convenient.

I have a doctoral degree in electrical engineering. I worked as an international power system field engineer, located in the Middle East, South America, and Africa where I spoke French and Spanish. I then became a tenured university EE professor and a university administrator before retiring a few years ago. 

My strengths as a voice actor are characterization and story telling. When I say “story telling” I am very conscious of and sensitive to vocalization that sounds like someone reading from a script. I have been told the extended narration  I vocalize consistently represents the emotion and texture of someone relating a personal experience – a “story”



I have completed PJ Ochlan’s six-class Masterclass Series and have had private coaching with him. I will continue to seek out high-level coaching whenever possible.

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