How it Works

Audiobook Sample Showcase

You can tell a lot about narrators from the samples they post. It’s fun to hear really good ones. Help us discover talents that perhaps aren’t well-known. Help us find some really good samples!

Every Thursday at 12:00 PDT/ 3:00 EDT, we host a Club House room, where we play our favorite audiobook samples. To submit your favorite sample, fill out the form below with a link to a sample already posted on the narrator’s web site. (Please try to refrain from nominating a sample from your own web site 😉 ) All we ask is that you be present when the sample is played to talk about why you like it.  Then, we’ll play a high quality audio of the sample to the Club House audience.  The samples must be between 2 and 3 minutes long.

If you have any general comments or suggestions about this project, please send them to 

We will send an email confirmation/reminder the Wednesday evening before the session when we play your submitted link. We will not play the sample you submit unless you are present to introduce it.