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Jim Patton

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Audiobook Samples

Contemporary Fiction – Poignant M/M dialog and third person narration. Two old men reflect on their lives as one shaves the other, presumably the last time before he dies.

Western drawl – M/F 3rd person – A short selection from TL Ryder’s  Vella, “Angel at Large” about Billy Bob, a cowboy dark angel speaking to a young woman with a baby.  The 5 minute version of this clip is at this Youtube link.

Horror, M/M/F, 1st person – A jowly, balding, middle-aged serial rapist/killer comes out to his wife, hoping she will assist or at least understand him. He is encouraged by the evil sarcastic God/narrator.

Fantasy – 3rd Person, M/M  – Fantasy hero threatens his evil brother from Christopher Russell’s Divinities Twilight Rebirth.  The full 45 minute podcast performance of the Rebirth Prologue is at this Youtube link.

Nonfiction Memoir – 3rd Person, M/M  – General George S. Patton is introduced to an apartment he will occupy while hiding his presence in London during WW2.

Nonfiction – 3rd Person, M  – Senator Jefferson Davis rises in the Senate to announce his departure as a result of the secession of South Carolina.

Character clips from audio dramasOver fifteen years ago (e.g. James Baxter, Googies, 2010), I began remotely recording audiodrama.  This is a variety of clips taken from audio drama productions I have acted in. The audio quality varies because they are taken from the original performance sources. The characters represent: Sorcerer-like arrogant, old grouch, poet, gangster, southern effeminate, Lone Ranger-like, German, nervous, dweeb, asylum doctor, sage, earnest 

About - Jim Patton

In 2021, I began narrating audiobooks. Owing to my audiodrama roots, my style is one of portraying strong characters. I have coached with Joel Froomkin, PJ Ochlan, Paul Alan Ruben, Johnny Heller, and Chris Ciulla to refine my audiodrama acting skills for audiobooks.

I grew up in Colorado and spent my early career as an international electrical field engineer, working in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Italy, and Egypt.  In this capacity I spoke French and Spanish with sufficient fluency to direct construction crews.  I later earned a doctorate in electrical engineering and taught at the University of Maine for many years before becoming the Provost and Chief Academic Officer at National Technological University (now absorbed into Walden University).  

I acted in high school and college. I played Hamlet in a college production and acted in community theater before becoming interested in audio drama and audiobooks.

When I’m not recording, I am cooking, hiking with my dogs, or working on my mobile sound studio (camper van).

Recent Reviews

A God of Hungry Walls by Garrett Cook
Review by horror blogger, Christina Pfeiffer, (UNCOMFORTABLY DARK!  THE NEW HOME FOR INDIE HORROR.)
“Narrated by Jim Patton, you will do yourself such a disservice if you only read it. Patton takes you into the house and forces you to watch as these terrible things happen, one right after the other. His voice changes are just as bizarre and unnerving as the book itself and that’s a compliment, I promise.  A HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND 5/5”

Audible reviews
Unique Haunting Story
“When I started this one I had absolutely no idea what to expect as I went in completely blind. I realized pretty quickly that it was going to be more explicit than my typical horror reads, but I continued listening because the story was intriguing and the narrator, Jim Patton, was fun to listen to.”

Brilliantly bizarre 
“Uniquely, written, and unsettling. This will stick with you for a while. This was such a trip. The best way I could describe it would be a psychological, erotic extreme horror. Jim does a fantastic job with the audiobook, and I think this is the best way to experience it. If you’re looking for something to challenge you and be satisfied in the end, this is it. 5 stars”

Unique Haunted House
“There was ALOT of crazy sex and sometimes I got really lost on what was even happening. I will definitely say though that the gore was impressive, some fascinating and crazy scenes!  The narrator was fantastic though. He did an absolutely phenomenal job. His voice was unnerving in the best of ways.”


Principal Accents:  I am comfortable speaking in a western US accent or a number of southern US accents and feel confident I could maintain them through an entire book.

Secondary Accents: I am a relatively quick study at a variety of accents.  I have voiced several British accents, along with a number of other accents. I could maintain them through a major character role. I can, with study, voice a wide variety of other accents for relatively minor roles.


Joel Froomkin – I have completed Acting for Audiobooks, a 15 week acting course delivered by award-winning narrator and director, Joel Froomkin. I attended Joel Froomkin’s Audiobooks at Sea cruise/workshop in the spring of 24.

PJ Ochlan – I have completed PJ Ochlan’s six-class Masterclass Series and has had private coaching with him.  I have attended  PJ’s workshops on ‘Character Voice Toolbox’ and ‘How To Be Your Own Dialect Coach’.

Johnny Heller – I have attended Johnny Heller’s New England Retreat 2023, and have coached privately with him.

Paul Alan Ruben – I privately coached with Paul Alan Ruben on mystery/thriller narration.

Chris Ciulla – I have coached with Chris Ciulla on marketing and promotion.


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